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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Secrets of Life No One's Telling Teens

What do you want to be when you grow up?

For a while, I kept asking myself that question. Funny thing was, I was already forty when I was asking it. And, I had already been a lawyer for seventeen years. When I got tired of reading boring 40-page technical documents and arguing with bald men, I retired from my law practice and searched for something new. There were lots of stories circling around in my head. I began to write them down. That's when I found writing again. I started writing picture books. I wrote ten. Then I aged a bit into middle-grade novels. I wrote one and called it Zeek the Geek. It was about a group of kids who got bullied, so they formed a secret society in school after recruiting kids with special gifts. Zeek's gift was that he had a photographic memory and could play a mean saxophone, putting his audience into a hypnotic state. The group banned together and stopped the bullying using some pretty unique methods. Someday, I'll go back and revise that one.

I moved into young adult and teen novels. I wrote five more, three of them in verse. I'm working on getting those published. I feel like I get closer every day. In the meantime, I keep on writing, which leads me to my current endeavor. I finally realized what I've known all along. It suddenly became clear to me. I want to write for teens.

It's not because I want to be one. (I was one, and that wasn't an experience I'd care to relive.) It's because I understand you, and I feel I can make life better for you. At least, I want to try. I have a lot to say to you (stuff my own teens are totally sick of hearing). It's because I believe in you, and I recognize that the world needs you to succeed and be happy so that the future of our world can be happy too.

That's why I started this blog, A Chillin' Blog Just for Teens (and their parents too, if they want to read along). I'm going to make you some promises up front.

Here goes: I won't preach to you, and I won't judge you, but I will write about things that I believe can make your life better. It might feel like you're on the receiving end of advice sometimes. But, I won't lecture. I know how much teens hate getting a lecure. I'll always be truthful, and I won't tell you anything that I don't believe to be true and haven't already told my own teens. I may eventually talk politics because I think, as a teen, it's important to start to think about those things. It's your future. It's your country. And, yes, it's okay to mention God in my blog. I'd love it if you write me to let me know what topics concern you and what you'd like to read about and talk about.

I hope you enjoy my blog, but, more importantly, I hope it makes life better for you. You may not always agree with me. Please feel free to tell me (respectfully, of course). Just think of this blog as your own personal life coach and mentor.

Chill on.

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